Positive Thinking Game

​Lifescore 110% positive motivation products and services will benefit anyone who is striving to become successful in life or to achieve present and future career endeavors. * Lifecope: The Positive Thinking Game, Simulation, and Assessment. * Lifescore 110% Persistent Performer Presentation (110% LPPP) * Lifescore 110% Rating System Card enables one to assess ones behaviors and discover hidden success secrets. Eleven Behaviors are assessed on a scale of 0 to 110 Points for every seven days in an attempt to reach an overall 110% Success Effort.

Question: What should I do when I associate with negative, criticizing, and pessimistic people? 
Answer: Do not internalize their negativity into your thinking. Keep the Lifescore 110% Action-Oriented Pocket Cards and the 110% Rating Card with you at all times and read it every day. It will help to focus on keeping a positive mental attitude. Buy the Lifescore 110% Action-Oriented Pocket Cards as a gift and give it to those negative people. 
​Question: Can the Lifescope Game relate to core academic subjects? 
Answer: Lifescope: The Positive Thinking Game can be incorporated into various academic disciplines such as; social studies, math, philosophy, reading, psychology, education, career education, and sociology. 

Question: Can the Lifescope: The Positive Thinking Game Cards be utilized with a discussion group? 
Answer: Lifescope: The Positive Thinking Game has three decks of cards with 65 cards in each deck. The Red Failure Symptom Deck discusses Failure and Adversity; the Gold Positive Motivation Deck promotes Prosperity by subscribing to the positive thinking philosophies, and the Blue Problem-Solving Deck has questions and answers for quizzes and contests.

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