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​Formerly (1980), The Positive Enrichment Professionals, Inc. was the flagship company that marketed the positive motivation products and services which prepared everything for the next highest level. 

*All the efforts and hard work was turned over to Lifescore, LLC in 2004 which is the "Trade Name" for all the self improvement plans, products and services. 

*Lifescore, LLC was also started as a result of Dr. Phil Fowler practicing and acting on all ideas and strategies incorporated in the Personal Development Philosophies Booklet; Lifescope:The Positive Thinking Game; 110% Rating System and Action-Oriented Pocket Cards; and all Lifescore 110% related products and services. Dr. Phil Fowler and his Lifescore, LLC Counseling and Consultant Business has Contracted as a Military and Family Life Consultant. 
​*Worked 30 plus years in education, executive and consultant in state government, and the university system on the local, state, and national level. 

* A Retired Professional School Counselor and Administrator.

* Certified School Counselor, Administrator, and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. 

* Teacher, Counselor, and Administrator for students in the public schools and Universities. 

* Ability to establish rapport very easily with people. 

* Very resilient. 

* Diverse inner city rearing, background, and training. 

* Positive, enthusiastic, and motivated person which is somewhat contagious to those I interact with daily. 

* Empathetic to the needs of educators. 

* Ability and experience working with the most difficult students and adults (juvenile justice and criminal justice systems) to the most advanced/honor students. 

* Provided educational and consultation services across Kentucky and the nation. 

* Professional affiliations and held offices with various professional organization and alumni associations on the local and national levels. 

* Currently serving his11th year as a Major in the United States Air Force Auxiliary-Civil Air Patrol as an Aerospace Education Officer (AEO) and Certified in Critical Incident Stress Management.

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