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            LIFESCAN ADVERSITY PROBER              

Please give your honest opinion so that your motivation needs can be accurately assessed.

Also indicate your choice by placing the following information in the space provided:


1.I sometimes get a powerful notion not to work so I sidestep it by using every trick known. ____  

2.I offer a dozen legitimate excuses each time I fail to meet a quota or deadline. ____

3.I disguise for my inability to do the work and cover-up for confusion about what is expected. ____
4.I display a know-it-all attitude around others to hide my lack of ability, aptitude, and training. ____

5.I give the impression that I am angry at everybody but I realize that I am only mad at myself. ____

6.I have gripes about everything and everybody. I look for trouble and if none exists I imagine it exists. ____

7.I keep busy trying to improve things and help people even if I am needed or not. Also, I get
 occupied taking care of troubles other than my own, there is little or no time for my own work. ___
8.I fail to do a good job even though I have the real aptitude and ability. I lack self-confidence, 
have a fearful personality, and let problems stand in my way. ____

9.I feel inferior to my job or co-workers. I am timid and do not mix well with people. I do not 
cooperate willingly and freely with my supervisors, fellow students, co-workers, or employees. ____

10.I think of different ways to do things. I want to do them differently rather than do them better.  
I am a team player but desire to stand out and to be an individualist. ____

11.I think of myself as an average employee. I have thought of making a career change since my
current position does not offer future promotional opportunities. ____

12.I can outtalk anyone in my presence. I can keep the most unimportant conversation going for 
hours. And I give long and not-to-point answers to short questions just to postpone getting back 
to assigned work. ____

13.I am a meddler in the affairs of other people. I act as if I know everything. I accuse other people
of doing wrong. ____

14.Whenever things go wrong and there is the slightest chance I will be blamed, I insist that I was
nowhere near the incident. I never accuse others of making mistakes but give hints. ____

15.I have a way of getting out of doing work. I do only what is required. I passively resist change
and reject all efforts to arouse my enthusiasm. ____